Past events, experiences and actions affect the lives of those in the future.


Every person contributes to the cultural identity of Dunedin.


The movement of people creates cultural diversity.
People emigrate for a variety of reasons.
Evidence of cultural diversity can be found in places where immigrants have settled.=


On Wednesday the 27th of August the Senior Learning Team at St Clair School had a special guest to help us with our Inquiry - WHO ARE WE? The Dunedin Mayor, Mr Peter Chin came to talk about his cultural heritage and how and why his Chinese family emigrated. He gave a very satisfying and interesting speech.

One of the things he talked about was that a lot of Chinese people owned fruit shops on George St. Other things he covered were the poll tax and the shipping law (for every 100 tons of cargo only one Chinese man was allowed into New Zealand), the gold rush, and other interesting topics.

After he had finished talking some children asked questions that would help us with our Inquiry.
Mitchell thanked Mr Chin and two people led him to the gate.

We would all like to thank Mr Chin for giving up his time to come and talk and answer our questions and queries. It was greatly appreciated by the entire Senior Team.
Written by Nathaniel

The Chinese Garden

On the 29th of August Room 7 pupils visited the new local attraction, ‘The Chinese Garden’. This garden is "... a gift to the city for all New Zealand, honouring the past, celebrating the present, and providing enlightenment on our shared path to the future.” The Chinese Garden Trust wanted to “... create a fitting, permanent, recognition of the Chinese who first came to Otago during the 1860s Gold Rush and stayed to establish some of the city's businesses. This contribution to business played a large part in making Dunedin New Zealand's leading commercial centre.”

Before visiting The Chinese Garden we learnt about Otago’s Chinese Treasures and about the history of Chinese settlement in Otago, particularly during the Gold Rush era.

We travelled around the scholar’s garden with a tour guide and were most surprised with the size of the garden and all the time it took to plan, design and build. What also surprised us was that the Chinese Garden was built without using any glue or nails!

The Dunedin garden is modelled on the gardens in China where scholars go to relax and work. There are some plants that are yet to be planted and some that need more time to grow. Next time we visit we hope to be able to see lotus on the pond as well as the banana trees that make a soothing sound when the wind blows.

Written by Alix