The Year 5 students from Room 7 had a fabulous series of adventures out at the Waiora Scout Camp. Here are some photos and some memories of our Wha-Rima week.

Kendra wrote ...

Just too much for me!

Need more scroggin. Losing energy. Wet shoes. So cold. “Not far to go,” said Jade. “See. Look - there’s that black chicken again.” Oh no. There’s that river again and my shoes have only just dried. “Splash, splosh, splat,” says the water as I walk through it. After that I finally got to eat some scroggin. Now I have a full blast of energy and am ready to start a new day.

Jeremy wrote ...

The Secret Spot

“Time to landscape,” said Mrs Buist. Mitchell Booth and I embarked with Mrs Buist down to the creek. “Watch out you two! There is a prickle bush.” But when we got down there it was great. “Amazing,” I said. So did Mitchell. We had a great time. Just then I murmured, “Wow - wonderful view.” Trees surrounded me in every direction.

Jade wrote ...

The Hill Climb

Wow - that’s extremely high. I can’t even see the tower top. That is unbelievable. I can’t believe we are going to climb such a colossal mountain. When we are halfway up I can’t even see down to the bottom. The bushes are huge, long and prickly. The climb is tiring. But when we get to the top we get a delicious snack-sized Milkyway bar. Mmmm. The hill climb was fun! I can’t even wait for Camp Iona.

Sophie wrote ...

Confidence Course

‘Okay,’ I thought as I made my way to the five, grubby tyres hanging from a log. This was going to be a new experience. It was my turn. Shaking, I stepped cautiously into the hole. WOW! These tyres sway like a horse gone grumpy! I got my feet into position and tried to punt the next tyre. I had to proceed. Great, my cerebellum was working. As I stepped onto the fourth tyre, I began losing my balance. ‘All right,’ I thought, ‘this is as far as I can go.’ I stepped down off the tyre. I felt good about how well I had done.

Daniel wrote ...

The Confidence Course

The confidence course was awesome and not scary. The course was cool and long. The tyres were tricky but even more tricky when I went through the tyres lying on my back. The tyres were black and dirty. There was a sea-saw. The sea-saw was tricky because we waked along it.

Ella wrote ...


It was a long way up the cliff. We saw some huts made out of branches, wood and pine cones. The track was quite slippery. It was a sunny day. We saw some pink dots so we knew where we were going. We were nearly there. We had to keep climbing and stay together as a team. Next I saw a hut with a hole in it. We saw a tower that had a ladder. We climbed up the ladder. It had a Milky Way. We climbed back down the ladder. It was a steep walk down.

Joseph wrote ...

The Hunt

“Come over here,” I said to my buddy, Phoenix. “I’ve found the last leaf. Now we’ve got all ten. We need to look for the seeds,”
“I’ve found some!” shouted Phoenix. He showed me a stick covered with dark brown seeds. The other seeds we found were in a white flower. The seeds were a very bright yellow. “Now all we need to find is evidence that people have been around. Then, we’re done!” We spent ages looking for It. suddenly I found some rubbish. We hade finished!!

Two of the Year 5 students had other adventures away from Waiora. Here is their writing:

Mathew wrote ...

A Holiday in Wellington

I flew to Wellington. I had $140. I spent it all in one day. My sister got a $140 too. I got a gun and a duck shooting game. My sister got a Barbie and a poster. In the Te Papa Museum I saw a ball full of water but it smelt like seawater. I got wet.

Tyson wrote ...

Day Tripping

On Friday I went to Gillian’s house to see Max, the big brown dog. I put Max in the back of the car so we could take him to the dog park. We went by white car because it was a long way up the hill. I saw Foss before we went to the park. I looked for pine cones. I threw the tennis ball for Max to chase.