What is a "slice of life" piece of writing?

Each of us selected a personally significant event in our lives, then zoomed in on the most important part (or slice) of it. We tried to write descriptively so that the event could be painted vividly for our readers. We hope you enjoy our "slices of life"!

A Day at the Beach
Lying on the warm sand enjoying the sun listening to my sisters scream and shout jumping over ripple waves. My dog’s back for a pillow. “Oww!” I said, my head racing towards the sand. Shannon raced to the stick. She grabbed it with her slimy jaw and turned around and raced back up the sand hill barking at me waiting to chuck the stick. I didn’t realise that I chucked it into a rip. She ran after it, straight into the the shallow part of the ocean it went. I closed my eyes for at least 30 seconds. Suddenly all I could hear was yelps in the background. I slowly open my eyes pausing, staring…at Shannon floating out to sea. My dad raced towards her. My mum goes and gets the lifeguards. Out they come. Mum comes up to me saying, “It’s all right.” I watch the lifeguards pull my dad on the boat with Shannon on his back. They were okay. Shannon races up the sand hill into my arms pushing me back on the warm sand.

Written by Autumn

The Bike Riding Crash
I was racing at the coolest, bumpiest BMX Park. I was riding my big red bike and it suddenly got out of control. I got a shock. Me myself did a big jump. It was scary. It scared me to bits. I was going really fast. I didn’t want to put the brakes on because I was too scared to put them on. I did a big crash. I froze to the spot. And then I got better and carried on!

Written by Shaun

The Marathon
Dad said that he wanted to beat three hours in the marathon. Dad left early so he could get there early. We saw Dad and I said I was proud of him. When he finished he had a massage. I cannot believe that dad got a free trip to Seoul!!

Written by Daniel

The Bunny Killer
Bang! I had just killed a white tail bunny right on the nose with blood pouring everywhere. Then it started. I was on fire - killing bunnies everywhere at my uncle’s new farm. When we started the fire I had to shoot more bunnies for fire fuel. Time for Round 2. Then on came another proud moment for me - 20 me, 1 the bunnies. Later that day we ran out of sniper bullies and had to stop. Final score: 25 me, 5 bunnies.

Written by Mitchell

When Alex, Mum, Dad and I landed to get off the wide Qantas pane I thought what a wonderful country America was. I was speechless. We just couldn’t believe it. I walked for a bit and felt hot. I thought I was dreaming. It was so incredible. It was very different. I thought it would look like a crowded place. With the blue sunny sky and the view it was spectacular. It had big tall pine trees, big huge buildings, a lot of cars, and with the sun shining down so much that it stopped me from seeing the ocean. It was so amazing, but once the holiday was finished I just wished I could start all over again flying on the plane.

Written by Jessie

My Saddest Moment
I was full of misery the day we had my mum’s golden retriever Libby’s funeral. She had to be put down because she was blind, deaf and had a tumour. On the day the sky looked extremely bleak. Libby had been cremated so we had a box with her ashes in it. We buried her under a monstrous green plant that looked like it would have been everywhere in prehistoric times. All of my family walked down the cold steps. Then Aaron put Libby’s ashes in a hole. Then he covered it up. I felt sick with misery.

Written by Liam C

River Jump
Ow! My hands were still stinging after thirty minutes. But I was standing tall.

I walked up to the rocky bank. Eels swum below and a green vine hit me in the face. Wasps were ahead so I stopped and waited. Finally I pulled up enough courage to walk to the edge. My body transformed into a mouse being chased by a cat. If I didn’t jump far enough I would be mince meat cut by the rock. SPLASH! I hit the hard water. I thought I would die.

Forty minutes - still stinging from the cold hard water I had slammed into. But it was all over.

Written by Roscoe

Tech vs Melchester
When it was half time versus Tech it was 3 to Tech and 0 to Melchester. I got chosen to be goalie. I didn’t want to be goalie but I had to. Tech had the ball. The small Tech player was dodging everyone. He had the ball. He was coming towards me. He kicked the ball as hard as he could. I dived. I saved it. I was bursting with pride. The whistle went. It was full time. I was sweaty, muddy and relieved. Now I know that I can dive and save a goal. Now I can be a goalie for Melchester. At the end we lost. It was 7 - 1 to Tech and we had 1.

Written by Taine

The Big Day
It was the day of my dad’s marriage. I felt happy for my dad. He walked through the wooden gate looking handsome in his black and white suit. I was handcuffed to his wrist. He quickly unclipped himself and walked up to Andrea dressed in shimmering gold (soon going to be my step mum). I walked away to sit down at my decorated table. As soon as everyone clapped and went to their tables in the beautiful courtyard I walked up to them and said, “Congratulations.” I felt happy for them because they really love each other and I was bursting with pride.

Written by Rebekah

The Corkscrew Rollercoaster
I had little mountains all over my skin. I was in the long queue for the Corkscrew Rollercoaster. When we got to the front of the line I was sure my heart missed a beat. But I knew it would be an amazing experience. I got to my seat beside Dad, and trust me, the worst thing was we were in the very front seat. When my seatbelt bucked I was scared but excited. It started to move, my teeth were starting to chatter. I was scared out of my wits. We went around a sharp bend and ZOOM! - we were on our way up. I looked down. I was SO scared something would happen! We got to the top and we were off. “Ahhh!” I screamed. The three twists were the freakiest. But in the end I was right. It was an amazing experience.

Written by Lainie

The Day I Flew a Plane
There I am! In the cramped complex cockpit just like a prison cell, the view is great! I can see the complicated airport from here. “Go up a little,” says the pilot. Vroom! The plane is practically on a 90° angle! My ribs hurt ‘cause cold plus shaking like mad equals disaster! I noticed the cockpit smelt musty when I pushed the control yoke down, which started our sickening descent. When we finally landed, I was stunned in amazement that I had successfully flown an M1 Mark IV MP monoplane.

Written by Harry

Crash. “What happened?” I said. Mum told me that someone had crashed into us. Did you know we could have died? We found out who it was. It was someone called Kevin. He had glasses and an Otago Polytech vest. He also had a silver car. I think it was a four wheel drive. It was little as well. Now it has a big hole on the top of its hood. We repeat, we could have died. Now I will tell you what happened to me, my Mum and Zac. It was just the number plate plus we were all very shocked. Okay, the car is at the shop getting fixed.

Written by Jeremy

A Bad Night
“Ahhhh, ahhhh, help me dad, help me.” Dad came rushing through the door like a tiger racing at top speed. When dad came though the door he burst out laughing at the position I was in, at the same time helping me. My back was facing the wall and my head was on the ground. I was in a headstand having no idea how. Shocked, I was only three years of age. After dad helped me up he carried me into the sitting room. Once I calmed down he put me back into bed - my feet were on my pillow and my head was where my feet were meant to be. “Ahhh, ahhh, help me daddy, help me.”

Written by Joseph

The Time I Fell Off My Bike
When I was little I was scared because I fell off my bike at home on the gravel. The gravel was where the next-door electric fence is. I was unable to move my legs. I had a shock on the electric fence and my tyre broke on a wall and my sister helped me inside. My arm was so sore that I was crying. I was so out of my comfort zone. It hurt a lot.

Written by Mathew G-A

River Crash
Nowadays I only go in canoes by myself. Ever since I was three I haven’t trusted anyone to take me in a canoe.

I was so exited. My mum was taking me for a ride in my granddad’s canoe with my auntie in a canoe paddling beside us. We zoomed down the river over rapids and round small rocks poking out of the water. There were small trees ahead. My auntie zoomed through a gap in the trees and my mum was going too. The tree seemed to come in at 100 kilometres per hour. My eyes widened. We smacked right into a tree! Time froze. I stopped thinking. I was scared out of my wits! My heart stopped. I was in deep water. Two people ran down a bank to help. I haven’t trusted anyone to take me in a canoe since.

Written by Jacob D-L

It's Zac
“That was the best swim ever,” said Caitlin. “Yeah, thanks Mum,” I said. About ten minutes later Mum’s phone began to ring. As Mum picked it up off the old, smelly black dashboard a dark feeling came over us all. As Mum answered her phone the traffic lights turned red. As we were waiting for the lights to turn green Mum kept on talking to, well I think, my Dad. After a while me and Caitlin had lost track on what they were talking about until Mum said, “When is the funeral?” So me and Caitlin knew straight away that someone we knew had sadly passed away. Mum hung up the phone and said, “It’s Zac. I’m sorry but it’s true.” And I burst into tears.

Written by Kendra

What the "Thwack"
Getting back to bed was my goal. I tiptoed without a sound through the sleeping kitchen and lounge. No sound was made. Everything was asleep – the fire, the TV, the stove, everything. Nothing stirred. I walked past my dad’s computer and my eyes fixed on the slow flashing, slowly on and then off, on then off. The computer was breathing. I walked into my room and suddenly realized that the computer had been away being fixed all that day. I was so preoccupied that I forgot to look where I was going. I tripped over the giant, heavy postage bag and fell with a thwack onto the hard floor. It took a few seconds for me to realise I was lying on the floor. I jumped into bed – stunned - and slowly drifted back to sleep.

Written by Nathaniel

Rabbit Shooting
In Queenstown my Dad and I were going rabbit shooting on the big green farm. While my Dad was getting ready I was getting over excited and playing around with all the rabbit shooting equipment. My Dad said to come over and help him get ready. So I sprinted over to him. I was playing with a heavy black slug gun. We thought the safety lock was on and I accidentally pulled the trigger. Bang! Oh no! Dad was facing the barrel. My heart was pounding, my legs were shivering. I couldn’t breathe. But then Dad said, “You silly boy! You are extremely lucky there were no bullets in that gun!” I hugged him ‘cause I thought I had shot my own dad. And I’m lucky I didn’t or I would never have been able to do any exciting things in the future with my favourite dad.

Written by Oliver

My Ninth Birthday
I woke up and all I could see were small red, green, blue and orange balloons and presents. Two remote control cars. “Wow!” They were BMW and Toyota cars and they were surrounded by balloons. I also had a shocking purple hotwheels truck. “Cool,” I said being so surprised. My birthday. I could not imagine anything more. My mum and sister were there as well. I woke up the next morning wishing I could have that day again.

Written by Karl

Food Fight
“When will everybody get to the big blue fenced house?” I thought to myself. Then with a little patience everybody began to come. That was when we played hide & go seek. Every kid at the party played. But when it was time to eat, the funniest thing ever happened. All of my cousins where outside playing on the bikes and after that they all had a big juicy, soft food fight inside. All of the adults where shocked. After that all of a sudden it went absolutely silent. It was the happiest moment ever of my life.

Written by Michala

Cross Country
I felt exhausted as I was running just behind Roscoe in the Cross Country. It was the Senior Cross Country at Kettle Park. I was running down a small hill. Wow! I just about tripped over my own feet. Mostly my classmates were in front. Then Oliver Knopp, then Josh Finnie zoomed past me. It was the last lap. It felt like my legs were on fire and like they were going to blow up. The grass was wet and soggy. I saw the finish line. It was straight up ahead. I was coming 24th and Roscoe 20th. Zoom! I went past the finish line. I was bursting with pride

Written by Matt U

The Broom
I remember when I, Mum and Dad left Berwick because of a terrifying broom. It all happened after a week in our new clean house. I caught a glimpse of a broom moving like a cat. I thought brooms couldn’t move. “CRRR-EEEE-KKK” went the rusted door as I walked into the dark damp room. The broom moved again but now the broom was moving like Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk. “Aha!” It was my joking brother, Keith. But we still moved because Dad thought we’d be the first people to leave a house because of a broom.

Written by Lucas

The Big Wave
My sister and I said “1-2-3.” Whoosh! We were off. The blue wave was giant. Then bang I hit the hard sea floor. I couldn’t breathe! It felt like forever. Finally I started rising. Then BANG! My black curved board whacked me across the head. I flew down again. I had a massive headache. When I got back to the hot sandy beach we both rested for a while but I couldn’t resist going back boarding. “1-2-3.” Whoosh.

Written by Liam W

Lying on the beach I felt hot. It was a real change to Dunedin. I knew I was in Samoa. The view was spectacular - islands, palm trees, fales - it was incredible. The sand was wonderful. The sky was so blue there wasn’t a single cloud. The water was warm but I couldn’t go in, not even up to arm length. I had a broken arm. Still lying on the beach, why did I choose to play on the slippery slide the day I was leaving to go? Oh well, at least we came on this on this lovely holiday. The sun was shining right on me. It was so cold back home that the sun didn’t shine on me as much. It was probably because it was the sunny season in Samoa. It was a real change to Dunedin.

Written by Jassmyn

My Uncle Ralph
I am so sad. I am a bag of misery. It’s unbearable - my Uncle Ralph dead. At least he died peacefully and quietly. I felt so down in the blues for the whole week and the night I found out I cried for three minutes. He was the best uncle in the whole world and he was the best uncle in the whole world because the last time I saw him he gave me one set of chips and dips to have and he was extremely nice to me. I love him so. I just wish he would come back to life and give me one of his gigantic hugs although it probably is impossible to do so. Oh the sorrow. The only way to say it in one word is – heartbreaking.

Written by Jade

Incredible Game
Oh no! We are versing Melchester. They were so hard on their last game. They scored an incredible goal with ten seconds left to the game. I felt I’m scared out my wits. We are at the game… that was a good game. Tech has won the game with an incredible goal. The ball went in the top of the net. We now look at the highlights. when tech was playing they look like they had sudden fear because of all of the tackles That melchester did to them.

Written by Jordan

Keyboard Competition
The audience clapped and cheered as the person before me finished on a perfect C. “Too bad that wasn’t me,” I thought to myself. Number 10 went up on the white-board. I felt like I was drowning in fear. I picked up my books. Somebody in my class wished me luck as I stepped onto the high deserted stage. The lights were dim above me. All that stood there was the silver keyboard I would be playing ‘Minuet’ on. I changed the button number to 36, which was strings. And then I played; I played till my fingers were as red as a tomato. When I had finished playing I turned around and people were clapping and clapping like there was no tomorrow. I was full of gladness and beaming from ear to ear. When I stepped off the stage I wished the next person luck.

Writen by Alix

My First Rollercoaster
Tickets please! Dad said if you feel scared just close your eyes. Here came the shiny green roller coaster. I was feeling frozen to the spot as it came closer. I hopped onto the shiny green coaster. Off it went - up really high. My eyes widened and we were off. First we went down a very steep turn, around a sharp loop and through the frightening corkscrew knowing that I was way out of my comfort zone. Oh dear, I closed my eyes until I opened them. Wahoo! I feel so proud that I did it.

Written by Jacob S

Oh no! Warren’s dead. My family went to his funeral. At the racetrack Warren’s son Callum, made a speech. You could see all the people’s eyes sparkling and tears running down their faces like rain. It was the saddest thing I have ever been to. He died by having a heart attack. He was really important to me because he was really nice and for the rest of my life I will have a big bag of misery. Warren’s family went too. They were really sad as well. I will always remember him.

Written by Ella__